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High Efficiency Indirect Water Heater
with a lifetime guarantee

The CROWN Mega-Stor provides abundant domestic hot water from the same power
and fuel efficiency that heats your home, apartment house or commercial building. Busy lifestyles demand lots of hot water�for showering the whole family, starting the dishwasher, putting a load of clothes in the washing machine�and getting everybody out of the door on time.

Compare the performance of a Mega-Stor to water heaters fueled by gas, electric or oil, and you'll see the advantage that comes with choosing hydronic products from CROWN Boiler Co.



Mega-Stor is indirectly heated for efficiency.
The boiler that heats your home or building provides more energy, while consuming fuel more efficiently, than direct-fired domestic water heaters. So Mega-Stor saves on fuel costs by using hot water from your boiler to heat water for your showers.






Mega-Stor has a lifetime guarantee.
CROWN Boiler Co. warrants the Mega-Stor's stainless steel tank and coil against leakage for as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which it is installed. Consult warranty for important terms and conditions.

CROWN Mega-Stor water heaters come in a variety of sizes.
from 26 to 119 gallons to meet every residential and commercial need. Mega-Stor is engineered for performance, constructed of high quality materials inside and out, and finished attractively.

Mega-Stor has a removable inspection cap for access to the coil and lining during service calls. Plus, there's a drain at the bottom to flush out the tank if necessary.

Mega-Stor has an adjustable aquastat so that the water can be adjusted for your desired temperature.

Mega-Stor heats water fast. With a stainless steel coil that transfers heat throughout the tank, the recovery rate is up to three times more rapid than typical gas, electric or oil heaters.

Mega-Stor keeps water hot. The two-inch-thick layer of polystyrene foam insulation keeps the water in your Mega-Stor hot for hours during stand-by periods.

Mega-Stor is ruggedly made. The storage tank is made of stainless steel for superior durability. The outside shell is high impact plastic that is rugged and dent-resistant.

Mega-Stor indirect water heaters provide more gallons of water after an hour of heating than gas, electric or oil-fired water heaters. The heating coil throughout the tank, powered by the heating capacity of your boiler, provides this superior performance.

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