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Gas-fired steam boiler...Sets the standard for single and multi-family residential and small commercial applications.

BERMUDA gas-fired steam boilers provide a wide range of sizes (from 69,000 to 379,000 BTU/HR input) that can efficiently service single family homes, multi-family residences and small businesses. An approved chimney is required.

Crafted with rugged, cast iron heat exchangers and stainless steel burners, the BERMUDA offers proven-in-service reliability, simplicity of design and economy in its purchase price and consumption of fuel.

The heat exchangers are built with steel push nipples below the water line where superior strength and resistance to expansion and contraction is important, and cast iron push nipples above the water line where corrosion resistance is key. The cast iron push nipples are larger than usually found on such units to provide optimum steam quality.

Attractive and durable, the powder-coated jacket resists scratching. Plus, it�s well insulated to retain heat. The BERMUDA meets all national standards, and the heat exchanger meets the specifications of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

BERMUDA is the latest in a series of designs that CROWN engineers have created for ease of use, constructed for long life and engineered to provide the most value for each energy dollar. That�s CROWN�s commitment to quality.

BERMUDA has all these features for optimum safety and performance:

For Safety:

  • Fully assembled � ready for installation or available as a knock-down package
  • Factory tested for flame quality, leaks, control system operation and
    overall performance
  • Probe or float low-water cut-off or optional low-water cut-off/feeder combination
  • �Redundant� gas valve
  • Spill switch detects venting problems
  • Rollout switch detects heat exchanger blockage
  • Gauge glass
  • ASME pop safety valve (set at 15 psi)
  • Can be installed on combustible floors

For Performance:

  • Cast iron heat exchanger with a 12-year limited warranty
  • Stainless steel burners with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Tappings permit installation of Mega-Stor indirect water heater
  • Isolation relay simplifies thermostat wiring
  • Standing pilot or electronic ignition available
  • Appliance quality, powder-coated jacket
  • Automatic vent damper
  • Fiber-glass insulation to minimize wasteful heat loss
  • Base and flue constructed of aluminized steel for corrosion resistance
  • Drain valve
  • Built-in draft diverter allows boiler to fit into low spaces

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